door supervisors manned security guards for pubs and nightclubs

Experienced Manned Security to protect staff and customers at your venue

With the recent reported rise in knife crime and recreational drug use, door supervisors have never been more important. Our door staff can help ensure the safety of your staff and customers by controlling access to your venue.

As part of the service, Maverick Door Supervisors can check tickets, enforce challenge 25 by checking IDs and patrol the venue. Our staff have been trained to be firm but fair and work with the local police and venue staff to reduce disruption from common problems.

Our Door Security Services

  • Qualified door supervisors for licensed premises
  • Work with your staff to deal with specific problems
  • Access control
  • Check ID and conduct bag/ body searches
  • Metal detectors for knife and weapons
  • De-escalate difficult situations
  • Crowd management
  • Venue patrols and spot checks
  • Police Liaison